Batteries and Transmitter

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Batteries and Transmitter

Q: Are the batteries included?

A: Yes, four batteries are included. (Two on the transmitter side / Two on the receiver side) An additional two batteries per side can be purchased to extend the battery life.

Q: How long will the batteries last?

A: Using two batteries (approx. 4yrs Transmitter & 5yrs Receiver) Using four batteries (approx. 8yrs Transmitter & 10yrs Receiver).

Q: How will I know that the batteries are low?

A: Both the receiver and transmitter is equipped with a low battery output.

Q: Does the SL-350QFR come with a built in transmitter?

 A: No, only the iSeries SL-350QFR(i) has a built in Inovonics transmitter (EN-1941). The SL-350QFR is wireless ready and supports almost all wireless transmitters.