OPTEX to Replace the AX Series Long Range Photobeams with the New SL Series

OPTEX to Replace the AX Series Long Range Photobeams with the New SL Series

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Wed, 03/04/2015 - 09:37

Rancho Dominguez, CA - OPTEX, Inc. proudly announces the new feature rich SL Series, to replace the Long Range AX Series beams effective immediately. All 100ft. and 200ft. dual beam AX models will still be available. 


The new SL Series includes even more features to protect against false and missed alarms caused by mis-alignment and environmental issues. With up to 650ft. of outdoor detection range and 4-channel beam frequency selection, the QDM and QDP models are perfect for high security perimeter applications.


New features include:

Dual Modulation - Enhances signal discrimination against potential interferences 

Quad Beam Pattern - Dramatically cuts down on false alarms caused by birds and falling leaves 

Sniper ViewFinder and Alignment Sound Assist - The new telescope lens on the SL Series has a high level of visibility for optical alignment work. Even at 650ft., a perfect installation and stable performance can be achieved in minimal time.

Sunshine Protection Technology - The SL Series has triple layer construction to allow for better performance against external light sources. (The sun, car headlights, mercury-vapor lamps and fluorescent lights) 

Beam Power Control Selector - Allows you to manually adjust the beam power to help prevent crosstalk due to reflection, interference due to unstable signal or noise when using multiple beams over long distances, and allows the detector to be used in shorter than rated distances.

Automatic Transmit Power Control - The A.T.P.C. automatically controls, adjusts and optimizes the power of the beam and maintains optimal performance. This decreases false and missed alarms caused by fog, frost, cross talk and signal saturation.(A.T.C.P. feature on QDM Model only)

Re-Transmission Function - When the alarm input terminal on the transmitter receives a signal from another Optex detector, the transmission of the beam is stopped and the receiver outputs an alarm signal to the control panel. The advantage of this feature is the elimination of wiring from the additional detector back to the control panel.

(Re-Trans feature on QDM Model only)

BAU-4 Compatible - The BAU-4 beam alignment unit automatically and accurately adjusts the optical access. This allows peak performance and gives one technician the ability to align a 350ft or 650ft SL detector without additional help.

For more information on the SL SERIES, or to discuss applications and get assistance with project layouts, contact atsales@optexamerica.com





Replaces AX-350TF / AX-650TF


SL-200QDM: 200ft. detection range

SL-350QDM: 350ft. detection range

SL-650QDM: 650ft. detection range



Includes all features of QDP Model, with the addition of:

- Automatic Transmit Power Control

- Re-transmitting circuit function

- LED alignment indicator on transmitter and receiver




Replaces AX-350TF / AX-650TF


SL-200QDP: 200ft. detection range

SL-350QDP: 350ft. detection range

SL-650QDP: 650ft. detection range



- Dual Modulation

- 4 Channel Selection for stacking applications

- Sniper ViewFinder

- UL/c - UL Listed

- Sunshine Protection Technology

- Beam Power Control Selector

- LED alignment indicator on transmitter only


Replaces AX-250 / AX-500PLUS


SL-200QN: 200ft. detection range

SL-350QN: 350ft. detection range

SL-650QN: 650ft. detection range