Product Details

Automatic Door Accessories Wireless Touchless Switch Kit

Product Features• 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology
• Stainless Steel Faceplate
• Inductive Capacitive Technology
• IP-65 Rated
• 100’ Range (clear line of sight)
• Transmitter Built Into the Switch
• Easy 1 Button Pairing
• 4 AA Batteries Per Switch
• 330 Day Battery Life
• Adjustable Activation Range 1”-3”
Overall Characteristics• Large Stainless Steel panel design.
• The embedded capacitive sensor chip turns the metal surface panel into the sensors
• antenna. The Switch functions when detecting the charge from a hand entering the
• induction activation zone.
• This replace's the traditional mechanical contact switch, with a non-contact wave switch,
• leaving a clean and hygienic surface.
• Advanced software algorithm, allows for strong anti-interference.
• The induction distance is adjustable from 1" - 3"
• 2.4 G Hz wireless communication technology, creates excellent frequency
• consistency and high wireless transceiver stability.
• Low power consumption sensor panel design allows for long battery life.
• Receiver's large capacity output can be used with automatic doors, and
• access control systems.
• Switch is equipped with a blue LED indicator. Upon receiving the signal, the receiver
• holds the relay output for 1.5 seconds.
• Receiver has a wide voltage input design accepting 12 ~ 30V DC power input.