Product Details

Automatic Door Accessories Wireless/Wired Touchless Switch Kit

Utilize this unmatched signal quality to upgrade any existing 2 wire push plate to a wave switch without the need for additional wires. Simply remove the existing push plate, install the new switch in the same location reusing the existing 2 wires to power the switch. Next, pair the switch with the receiver in the automatic door header. 15 minute install. No electrician needed. No new wires to pull. No disruption to the ceiling. No batteries to change ever. Clean, reliable, hygienic, fast, and easy.

Product Features• 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology
• Stainless Steel Faceplate
• Inductive Capacitive Technology
• IP-65 Rated
• 100’ Range (clear line of sight)
• Transmitter Built Into the Switch
• No Batteries to Change
• Adjustable Activation Range 1”-7”
• Requires Only 2 Wires
• Perfect Replacement for Existing Push Plate
• Universally Compatible
Overall Characteristics• Large Stainless Steel panel design.
• The embedded capacitive sensor chip turns the metal surface panel into the sensors
• antenna. The Switch functions when detecting the charge from a hand entering the
• induction activation zone.
• This replace's the traditional mechanical contact switch, with a non-contact wave switch,
• leaving a clean and hygienic surface.
• Advanced software algorithm, allows for strong anti-interference.
• The induction distance is adjustable from 1" - 7"
• 2.4 G Hz wireless communication technology, creates excellent frequency
• consistency and high wireless transceiver stability.
• Utilize existing 2 wires to make this switch battery-less
• Receiver's large capacity output can be used with automatic doors, and
• access control systems.
• Switch is equipped with a blue LED indicator. Upon receiving the signal, the receiver
• holds the relay output for 1.5 seconds.
• Receiver and switch have wide voltage input designs accepting 12 ~ 30V DC power input.