Product Details

Automatic Door Accessories Hardwired Touchless Switch Kit

Product Features• 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology
• Quality ABS Black Housing
• Infrared Touchless Wave Switches
• 100’ Range (clear line of sight)
• Transmitter Built Into the Switch
• Easy 1 Button Pairing
• 2 AA Batteries per Switch
• 220 Day Battery Life
• Adjustable Activation Range 1”-12”
• Ultra Slim Design 3-3/8" Square
• ONLY 1/2" Deep
Overall Characteristics• Standard 86-type switch panel, wireless design, installation is more flexible.
• The panel allows laser engraving technology, with a back light display.
• 2.4 G Hz wireless communication technology, creates excellent frequency
• consistency and high wireless transceiver stability.
• The transmitter has low-power transmission technology, which achieves a longer
• transmission distance, and a longer battery life.
• The receiver adopts a self-learning code, which is convenient for customers to add
• hand switches at any time.
• Receiver design allows a wide voltage input range 12—30V AC/DC
• Power (red) and signal receiving (blue) indicator LED's help to confirm the unit has
• power and confirm the receipt of an activation signal from the transmitter.
• Induction adopts infrared modulation and demodulation, which decreases
• interferences and increases accuracy.
• Non-contact induction by hand or reflective object, leaves a clean and hygienic
• surface.
• Induction distance can be adjusted between 1-12 inches.
• Highly sensitive infrared switch, gives you a timely and convenient induction