The OPTEX Visual Verification Bridge is compatible with any ONVIF S compliant devices and allows pairing of traditional alarm zones for cameras.

The Bridge also supports HD over coax camera and DVR, and features line level output source for talk-down capability.

With an easy set up and connection to the control panel, the OPTEX Visual Verification Bridge is an award-winning product that enables to link indoor and outdoor intrusion sensors, door contacts and panic buttons with ONVIF cameras or DVRs, mapping the detection or alarm zones to the associated cameras.

Once installed, the Bridge should be registered to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) monitoring the site and be connected to the Intelligent Visual Monitoring portal. The ARC will provide the installer with a dedicated account on the portal, where the installer can create customer accounts and register as many Bridge devices as required.

How does the solution work?

Intelligent Visual Monitoring Portal

The portal gives installers a platform to set up and manage all their connected devices. Interactive features allow the installer to customise the details of the site with satellite map views and to place the location of cameras, sensors and detection overlays. All installed cameras, sensors and Visual Verification Bridge devices can be managed remotely. Alarm zones and sensors become IP devices and also have real-time "Health Monitoring" statistics, giving installers peace of mind, knowing that the visual verification services sold to a client are performing as they should.

View of Intelligent Visual Monitoring Portal Customer Homepage

All-In-One or Standalone Visual Verification Alarm System

With the use of the CHekT End-user mobile app, the Optex Bridge can be installed as a stand-alone video alarm system. Installing the Bridge as a single appliance or with multiple Bridges on a site, security companies can give their clients four or more zones of video verification and alarm response. When armed by the end-user's mobile app, the Bridge will communicate alarm and video events directly to their phone as a push notification and to the central station for professional monitoring and real-time active alarm response.

Learn how to configure a standalone visual alert system

How will the solution benefit you?

Upgrade the service to your existing customerProvide a visual monitoring solution to new customersQuick and secure set up
Upgrade existing monitored alarm systems or panic buttons to visual verification solutions. With the Bridge, the event can be visually assessed within seconds by the alarm monitoring centre and the end-user to take a more informed decision.
The installer can design a visual verification system from scratch using the Bridge as an efficient way to connect cameras with intrusion sensors. It is suitable for single or multi-sites and gives the opportunity to protect both indoor and outdoor areas.The Bridge is a compact size IP device that easily connects to any alarm panel and the network. It will automatically detect the IP devices, cameras or DVR on the network and allow you to link the sensors or panic buttons to them. Once registered on the Visual Monitoring Portal, the Bridge is allocated to your installer account allowing you to manage the maintenance.