**Discontinued and replaced by CDX series. For document references only** 

Integrating PIR and microwave technology into attractive, easy-to-install units, the DX-40 provides stable and reliable detection in the most hostile of environments, where simple PIR detectors struggle to function. The PIR element incorporates Quad Zone Logic to detect the smallest temperature contrast against the background temperature, enabling it to discriminate between humans and other sources of infrared. Additionally, the microwave detector incorporates Microwave Area Shaping technology to prevent the unwanted detection of movement outside the coverage area.


Microwave Technology
Patent Pending “Area Shaping Technology”

Optex has creaed a breakthrough in Microwave Detection. This DX series reduce one of the biggest weak points of microwave detection, that is the penetration of walls and unwanted detection of movement outside the coverage area. In addition, the detection area has uniform sensitivity which minimises false activation’s caused by spot movement in the detection area, i.e.small anmals. The DX series is new dimensions in microwave technology.

Passive Infrared Technology
Patented Quad Zone Logic

By utilising Optex Advanced Optical Technology,the DX-40/60 create evetly distributed sensitibity throughout the detection area.

Accurate focus creates even sensitivity and high resistance to spot temperature changes. Other detectors may have inconsistent detection creating hot spots (false alarm can occur) and dead spots (no detection).

In addition,the New Spherical Lens contributes to a superior aesthetic appearance which end users will appreciate.

Detection Area Size Configuration
“Microwave Area Shaping Technology” and “ Quad Zone Logic”

The Microwave Area can be easily shaped to fit the desired area and have even sensitivity. In addition, Quad Zone Logic in the PIR provides high tolerance to spot temperature changes and movements caused by small animals, heating vents, moving curtains and vibrations caused by big machinery.

Fail-Safe Technology – Automatic Trouble Monitoring

Passive Infrared and Microwave
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40'X40' Commerical PIR/Microwave Detector

Product Specifications: 
Mounting height1.5~2.4m (5~8ft)
Detectable speed0.3~1.5m/sec (1~5ft/sec)
Warm up periodApprox. 30sec
Weight150g (5.3oz)
Alarm periodApprox. 2sec
Detection zones82 zones (PIR)
Humidity95% max

4.9" x 2.8" x 2"

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