The SL-TNR series offers a cost-effective and versatile solution for protecting a perimeter, where cabling is an issue or inconvenient. 

Ideal for small perimeters, flat roofs, and open areas, the active infrared dual beam set offers a lot of flexibility with its hybrid power options, where the transmitter is powered by Saft LSH-20 batteries, and the receiver can be hardwired.

The SL-TNR series utilizes high-grade aspherical lenses and also has an anti-frost design with IP65 weather protection to improve its durability during harsh weather conditions.

100ft outdoor / 200ft indoor battery-powered photoelectric detector, complete with Inovonics transmitter and batteries.


Ideal for small perimeters, flat roofs, and open areas.

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  • Simplified battery replacement: Batteries can be accessed easily without touching the main unit, eliminating the need to re-align the beams.
  • IR communication for low battery signal: Infrared communication between the transmitter and the receiver which signals when the battery status is low.
  • Innovative mechanical design: Sniper viewfinder with 2x magnification, anti-frost main unit cover, aspherical optical lens, weather protection, and wireless transmitter storage space.
Active Infrared
Battery Powered
Product Type: 
Product Specifications: 
Maximum Detection Range200ft (60m)
Maximum Arrival Distance1740ft (530m)
Detection MethodTwin infrared beam interruption detection
Interruption TimeSelectable from 50/100/250/500 ms (4 selections)
Power Source3.6 to 3.9 VDC D-size lithium batteries. Each transmitter & receiver: 2 units
Current Draw (stand by / at 25°C)[3.6 to 3.9 VDC size lithium battery] Total: approx 600uA, Transmitter: approx. 300uA, Receiver: approx 300uA
Battery Life[D size lithium battery] Transmitter: approx 5 years, Receiver: approx 5 years
Output[Alarm output] Form C-Solid state switch: 3.9 VDC, 0.01A
[Alarm period] 2s (+/-1)
[Low battery output] N.C. (solid state switch): 3.9 VDC, 0.01A
[Cover tamper output (receiver)] N.C. (solid state switch): 3.9 VDC, 0.01 A, opens when the battery cover is removed
Indicator LED[Alarm / level indicator (receiver)] On: beam not received, Blinking: beam not received sufficiently, Off: beam received
[Power / low battery indicator (transmitter and receiver)] On: power ON, Blinking: beam not received sufficiently, Off: power OFF
Operating Temperature-20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Operating Humidity95% max
Alignment Angle+/- 90° horizontal, +/- 5° vertical
DimensionH x W x D mm(inch): 295(11.6) x 69(2.7) x 117(4.6)
Weight1200g (42.4oz) (total weight of transmitter & receiver, excluding accessories)
International ProtectionIP65
RF ModuleDescription: One-way binary RF module
Model: EN1941
Manufacturer: INOVONICS
Frequency option: 902-928MHz for N. America, 915-925MHz for Australia, 921-928MHz for New Zealand
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