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Image SKU Wiring Indoor/Outdoor Detection Reference Documents
2020ANGS Indoor Adjustable Angle Mount Standard Size Pole (Wall/Ceiling- 24" Length) for RLS2020i - Indoor Only 2020-ANGS 24" Indoor Angle Adjustment Mount Manual
2020ANGX Indoor Adjustable Angle Mount with Extended Pole (38" to 62") for RLS2020 Indoor Only 2020-ANGX 38-62 inch Adjustable Indoor Angle Mount Manual
2020CMB Indoor-Outdoor Corner Mount Bracket for Wall Arm (2020WMA) or Direct to RLS-2020 Series 2020-CMB Corner Mount Bracket Manual
2020MAB Indoor-Outdoor Multi-angle indoor/outdoor adjustment bracket for walls and ceilings with 5 degree adjustment options up to 45 degrees. 2020MAB
2020PDMA Indoor-Outdoor Pendant Mount Kit - Threaded Ceiling Flange, Top Plate for RLS2020 Series 2020-PDMA Pendant Mount Manual
2020PLMK Indoor-Outdoor Pole Mounting Kit - Round Pole Mount Adaptor Bracket for 2020WMA 12" Wall Arm for RLS2020 Series 2020-PLMK Pole Mount Kit Manual
2020PLT Indoor-Outdoor The 2020PLT is a rugged reinforced metallic plate for the RLS-2020 Laser Scan Detector allowing the detector to be attached to a wall. It is perfect for uneven walls and hard surfaces such as cement, concrete and brick. 2020PLT Installation Manual
2020WMA Indoor-Outdoor Wall Mount Arm, 12" Cast Aluminum Arm Direct to RLS2020 Series 2020-WMA 12 inch Wall Mount Manual
2020WMA8 Indoor-Outdoor Wall Mount Adjustable Bracket , 8" L Arm Bracket direct to RLS2020 Series 2020-WMA8 8 inch Wall Mount Manual
2020WMAD Outdoor Telescoping wall mount used to mount the REDSCAN Mini (RLS-2020) Laser Scan Detector on any vertical flat surfaces RLS-2020 Series
LAC-1 Indoor-Outdoor Laser Checker required tool for the RLS Laser Detector Series
PIE-1 PoE Indoor, Outdoor PoE IP Encoder for Optex Detectors PIE-1 Documentation
RLS-ENCL-V PoE, Wired Indoor-Outdoor Snow/Rain Shield for RLS-3060/SH for vertical installation RLS-3060L / RLS-3060SH Documentation
RLS-LW Indoor-Outdoor RLS-LW is a window replacement accessory for the RLS2020 Redscan mini laser detector RLS-LW Installation Manual
RLS-PB Indoor, Outdoor Pole mount bracket for the RLS-3060 Series (Use with flexible conduit) RLS-PB Installation Manual
RLS-RB Indoor Indoor Recess Mount Bracket for the RLS2020 - New RLS-RB Recess Mount Installation Manual
RLS-SB Indoor, Outdoor Adjustable angle pole mounting bracket for the REDSCAN RLS-3060L and RLS-3060SH RLS-SB Installation Manual
RLS-VH PoE, Wired Indoor-Outdoor Vandal Resistant Housing for Optex Redscan RLS-3060L & RLS-3060SH Laser Scanners (Off-White) RLS-3060L / RLS-3060SH Documentation
RPG-AXIS1 PoE, Wired Indoor, Indoor-Outdoor, Outdoor Plug-in Software for Axis Compaitible Application Platform (ACAP) PTZ cameras. Send camera directives to move and zoom and trigger event base responses directly from camera RPG-AXIS1 Plug-In User Guide