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Image SKU Wiring Indoor/Outdoor Detection Reference Documents
ACC650 Battery Powered Indoor, Outdoor NEMA Weather-Proof Enclosure for Inovonics EN5040/EN5040T Wireless Repeaters Inovonics Repeater Documentation
AX-200TFRi Battery Powered Indoor, Outdoor Wireless 200ft. Outdoors, iSeries Battery-Powered, 4-Channel Photoelectric Detector. (Batteries and Inovonics EN1941 Transmitter included. AX-100TFRi / AX-200TFRi Documentation, , New Beam and Enclosure Guide
CX-702Ri Battery Powered Indoor 70 x 70' or 150 x 8' battery-powered iSeries indoor PIR (Includes BA-70 back box with Inovonics transmitter and battery) CX-702 / CX-702RS / CX-702Ri Documentation,
EN6080-OP Battery Powered, PoE, Wired Indoor, Indoor-Outdoor, Outdoor Connects iSeries sensors to any Milestone XProtect Video Management Software EN6080-OP Datasheet & Installation Manual
EX-35Ri Battery Powered Indoor 35ft. x 35ft. or 55ft. x 5.5ft Battery-Powered, residential wireless PIR w/Tamper. Inovonics EN1941 and battery included , EX-35T/35R Documentation
FTN-RAMi Battery Powered Indoor-Outdoor, Outdoor 16.5ft. x 3.3ft. or 6.7ft. x 3.3ft. iSeries battery-powered, wireless compact outdoor dual PIR with Anti-Masking. Inovonics EN1941 transmitter and battery included 'fit' FTN Series Documentation
SL-350QFRi Battery Powered Indoor, Outdoor 350ft. Outdoors, iSeries Battery-Powered Wireless 4-Channel Quad Photoelectric Detector. Batteries and Inovonics EN1941 Transmitter included. SL-350QFR / SL-350QFRi Documentation, , New Beam and Enclosure Guide