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Image SKU Wiring Indoor/Outdoor Detection Reference Documents
AX-TW200M Battery Powered, Wired Indoor, Outdoor 6' 6" Single Sided, Wall Mount Photoelectric Beam Enclosure AX-TW Series Documentation, New Beam and Enclosure Guide
EN6080-OP Battery Powered, PoE, Wired Indoor, Indoor-Outdoor, Outdoor Connects iSeries sensors to any Milestone XProtect Video Management Software EN6080-OP Datasheet & Installation Manual
PIE-1 PoE Indoor, Outdoor PoE IP Encoder for Optex Detectors PIE-1 Documentation
RLS-2020i PoE, Wired Indoor Class 1 Indoor Only Laser Detector. PoE Enabled. Coverage Includes Short Range (65' x 65') can be mounted at 95 degrees in a vertical or horizontal plane. RLS-2020 Series
RPG-AXIS1 PoE, Wired Indoor, Indoor-Outdoor, Outdoor Plug-in Software for Axis Compaitible Application Platform (ACAP) PTZ cameras. Send camera directives to move and zoom and trigger event base responses directly from camera RPG-AXIS1 Plug-In User Guide