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Image SKU Wiring Indoor/Outdoor Detection Reference Documents
A3001S Wired Indoor Accurance 3D is a tailgating detection system designed for high security two door interlocks, adding an additional layer of security to the access control system by ensuring single occupancy inside the interlock. Accurance 3D Brochure & Installation Manual
CKB-304 Wired Indoor, Indoor-Outdoor, Outdoor Visual Verification Made Easy CHeKT Bridge Datasheet
R1001 Wired Indoor Wrong way traffic / Exit lane breach control sensor camera R1001 Data Sheet
RLS-2020S PoE, Wired Indoor-Outdoor Class 1 Indoor/Outdoor Laser Detector. PoE Enabled. Coverage Includes Short Range (65' x 65') can be mounted at 95 degrees in a vertical or horizontal plane. Indoor High Resolution and Small Object Throwing Modes options RLS-2020 Series
RLS-3060L PoE, Wired Indoor-Outdoor 100ft radius detection area with an arc of 190°, Class-1 Laser detector. Can detect a moving object's size, speed, and distance from the detector and process that information with a unique algorithm. RLS-3060L / RLS-3060SH Documentation
RPG-AXIS1 Battery Powered, PoE, Wired Indoor, Indoor-Outdoor, Outdoor Plug-in Software for Axis Compaitible Application Platform (ACAP) PTZ cameras. Send camera directives to move and zoom and trigger event base responses directly from camera RPG-AXIS1 Plug-In User Guide