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Image SKU Wiring Indoor/Outdoor Detection Reference Documents
FITLINK Series Battery Powered Indoor, Indoor-Outdoor, Outdoor The Missing Link. This FitLink Series includes a wireless transmitter for either HW 5800 series,2GIG, Interlogix, QOLSYS, or DSC's 433 MGHz
RC-20U Battery Powered, Wired Indoor Receiver / Chime for the RCTD-20U (Wireless 2000) RCTD-20U Wireless 2000 Documentation
RCTD-20U Battery Powered Indoor, Outdoor Wireless 2000 expandable driveway / entry alarm with 2000ft. line of sight transmission range, 50ft. beam pattern or 17ft. fan pattern. RCTD-20U Wireless 2000 Documentation
WATCHMAN Battery Powered Indoor, Outdoor *** Discontinued with no replacement *** Battery-Powered, Indoor / Outdoor, Weatherproof Camera, LED and Motion Detector WATCHMAN