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Image SKU Wiring Indoor/Outdoor Detection Reference Documents
AX-TWH24V Battery Powered, Wired Outdoor 12 or 24VDC, Photobeam Enclosure Heater for the AX-TW Series AX-TW Series Documentation
HU-2 Battery Powered, Wired Indoor-Outdoor Heating unit for the AX and BX Series Photoelectric Beams HU-2 Installation Manual
HU-3 Indoor Optional heating unit for the RBM-60QN-IP, RBM-100 QN-IP, AX-70TN, AX-130TN, AX-200TN, AX-100TF and AX-200TF Photoelectric Detectors HU-3 Installation Manual
SIP-HU Outdoor Heater for the SIP hardwired units. Power to SIP should be 22-26VAC. SIP-HU Installation Manual