Storage warehouse/offices of local landscaping company having recurring issues with intruders cutting through fencing in order to access warehouse and stored materials in marshalling yard. The last incident involved thieves cutting through a back wall of the warehouse to access stored equipment resulting in a loss of approx. $8,000 worth of equipments.


Using the existing intrusion alarm panel (Interlogix NX8Vs) we installed 3 OPTEX CKB-304 Bridges, 2 BX-80N 80’ x 5’ Outdoor PIR for perimeter and building perimeter protection along the rear warehouse wall, 1 HX-80N 80’ x 6’ High Mount Outdoor PIR to cover the front of the warehouse, 1 HX-80NRAMi Battery-Powered, 40’ x 50’ High Mount Outdoor PIR with anti-masking, installed along the fence at the front of the property, and a newly installed 32 channel surveillance system.


Using 3 OPTEX Bridges, GUARDwatch is able to provide operators immediate access to 12 cameras tied to specific perimeter zones including:

-OPTEX long range outdoor PIR detectors (wired & wireless)

-Optex outdoor PIR perimeter detectors

-Gate contacts

-Door Contacts

-Standard PIR detectors

With this simple and effective design & installation, we are able to provide the customer with immediate visual-verification of all alarm sensors, only when the alarm panel is armed.


Since the completion of this installation, there have been zero false dispatches and no criminal perimeter breaches on the premises.