OPTEX Bridge Visual Verification Solution

OPTEX, the global leader in outdoor detection innovation, has partnered with CHeKT to offer the security industry’s first affordable, scalable interior and exterior visual monitoring solution.

The Bridge is a revolutionary device that simply sits in-line on the zones of any alarm panel. The Bridge will pair any ONVIF camera with those zones and send video to your central station operator. Any zone type, any detector, any panel and only when the system is armed. When an alarm zone is tripped, the Bridge is sent the information and begins to upload pre and post-alarm video to the monitoring portal. The alarm signal is sent to your central station by the alarm panel and the central station software can access our monitoring portal within 5 seconds. The operator can then dismiss, dispatch, or push the notification to the entire call list and allow the end user to control the response. It’s an easy, fast, and accurate complete visual verification solution. Let us show you how to design security systems that provide the best solution for your customer and help you grow your business and RMR.

Product Features