Optex Integration With Axis Network Cameras

The OPTEX ACAP (AXIS Camera Application Platform) plug-in module allows OPTEX’s IP based detection sensors to send commands directly to an Axis Network Cameras. The main feature makes it easy for a camera to actively move and zoom based on alarm outputs from the sensor. Other commands are supported, like triggering the camera to record, or trip output contacts that turn on lights, alarms, or send alerts. 

ACAP plugin provides direct integration to Axis Network cameras. Instead of relying on a (supported) VMS to merge sensor and camera movements, the sensor is able to directly communicate with the camera. This can simplify the integration challenge of getting three separate entities all working together, to a single integrated communication.

With ACAP, the resulting integration is useful in any VMS supporting Axis Network camera - one of the most widely supported camera brands.

Connect up to three Optex detectors to one Axis network camera. This allows you to connect multiple detection field of views to one camera. The Axis camera can manage event actions to all of the detector’s alarm zones.

Product Features