OPTEX VMS Integration


IP detectors from OPTEX are advanced products specifically designed for professional video surveillance systems.  Harnessing a variety of proven infrared, photoelectric and laser detection technology, Optex IP detectors can offer a complete detection solution for high profile asset protection and loss prevention in addition to vast external perimeter security systems integrated with IP video surveillance products.  Optex IP detectors can be connected by Power-Over-Ethernet and exchange alarm signal information via IP protocol.  This PoE connection allows a powerful “Multi-layered protection system" which is currently integrated with major video management software platforms. 

Increase the value of Video Management Software, PSIM and Network Video Recorders

Integrating Optex IP sensors and detectors with your VMS, PSIM or NVR increases the effectiveness of video detection and surveillance applications by addressing common problems associated with video driven perimeter security solutions.

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Event detected triggers immediate actions:

  • Alarm sent to VMS, PSIM or NVR
  • Full power, zoned lighting
  • High resolution recording for network cameras
  • Camera going in pre-set position
  • Event/Alarm management


Definitive Product Specifications

Optex has definitive product specifications for motion detection that are effective for IP perimeter applications.  This includes:

  • Environmental conditions that lower the effectiveness of IP video detection and surveillance
  • Varying site configurations
  • Integrated system and power requirements


Multiple IP Sensor and Detection Technology

Optex's multiple IP sensor and detection product options gives you flexibility and choice based on your application needs












 Pair Video Motion Detection and Optex IP Sensors

Create a motion detection "Double Knock":

Get alarm conditions when Optex sensors triggers a motion event, activating camera and video analytics while reducing false alarms caused by environmental changes.


LEARN MORE BY VISITING:  www.optex-vms.com for specifics on our integrated IP detectors