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OPTEX is the world leader in sensing solutions. With over 40 years of experience and over 25 companies in our global portfolio, OPTEX specializes in security sensing solutions utilizing laser, passive, and active infrared detection technology, including a variety of hardwired and wireless outdoor and indoor products. OPTEX perimeter security solutions is respected globally with applications deployed at some of the world's most critical security sites.

Our Security Division offers a broad range of security detection systems suited for a diverse number of applications ranging from high-end security to the security of private homes and everything in between.

Our Entrance Division supplies our customers with safety and activation solutions suited for automatic Swing, Sliding and Revolving doors, as well as products for Secured Entry and Industrial door applications.

Our America headquarters is located in Cypress, California.

Using sensing technologies to create a safer, more secure and comfortable world.

The Optex Group is a global solutions provider that never stops inventing to create a safe, secure, and comfortable society. We look at the rapidly shifting challenges faced by companies and individuals on a daily basis and use our unique expertise to create innovative, user-friendly solutions.

In this process, our focus is always on uncovering the fundamental issues underlying a problem, allowing us to develop real and long-term answers. While sensors are often associated with security devices, Optex is much more than a provider of crime prevention systems. In fact, we see our role in the broadest possible terms and are dedicated to developing sensing technologies that provide increased safety, security and comfort in an ever-expanding range of fields. This approach has allowed us to pioneer concepts and applications that have made us a leader in a wide variety of business fields.

Our goal is not to respond to change but to identify new markets and channel emerging trends in a positive direction. Thanks to Optex's diverse range of proprietary technologies, we are able to offer the ideal product or combination of products to satisfy each customer's requirements. We believe this is a major advantage among the great number of technologies now available on the market.

With our in-depth knowledge of all aspects of sensing technology and applied skill in the market, we are ideally positioned to develop the full potential of this exciting field.

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