Sensors that detect vehicles are becoming more and more important in our society. OPTEX Vehicle Sensors detect the motion and presence of vehicles and can be used in many applications. We utilize multiple technologies to provide the right level of detection capability for each unique application.

OPTEX's Virtual Loop Vehicle Presence Sensor Series offers advanced vehicle detection solutions, adept at identifying vehicles while disregarding human traffic, and eliminating the need for labor-intensive ground loop installations. With versatile options like the OVS-01GT, featuring adjustable detection patterns and sensitivity settings, and the OVS-01CC, which can be mounted off the ground for customization, OPTEX caters to various applications. Our dedication to innovation shines through the Virtual Loop 2.0: OVS-02GT, a breakthrough in Smart Mobility Sensing, equipped with advanced radar technology for extended range and effective human activity filtering, simplifying installations and poised to revolutionize vehicle access and security management.