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Change log:

01/31/20  Added note about repeating OTA update process for the MS firmware until fully updated.

01/24/20  Updated version for MS FW, v20200121.

01/09/20  Updated version for MS App.

01/06/20  Updated versions for MS, DS, and smartphone apps.

12/05/19  MS firmware was updated to 20191126.

11/27/19  Added a change log :)


Installation and Setup Videos



How do I find the MAC address of the IVPC-MS and IVPC-DS if I can't look it up on the router?  Do I need to find the MAC address of the IVPC-DI?

  • The MAC and IP addresses of the IVPC-MS can be found by going to the home screen -> Settings -> About Tablet -> Status.
  • The MAC address of the IVPC-DS can be found by directly connecting to the IVPC-DS from your smartphone running a WiFi analyzer app.  To do this please put the IVPC-DS in pairing/factory default mode and connect to its SSID with the key "12345678".  Customers have had success with the FRITZ!App WLAN.  The IVPC-DI connects directly to the IVPC-DS, not through the router, so no MAC or IP address is needed.


What is the maximum number of devices that can be on one network?

  • There can be up to 6 DS paired per answering device.
  • Each DS can support up to 4 DI; however, only 1 DI per DS can be assigned as a door release.  (Check the unlock settings in the lower right of the DI menu.)
  • The number of MS per DS, or smartphones running the OPTEX Vision app, is only limited by the capacity of the network.


What should I do if I forgot a password?

  • Check if the installer wrote down the passwords on the 2nd page of the IVPC DS and MS Settings and Installation Guide.
  • If the password was not written down, you may need to delete the device and pair again.


How do I perform a factory reset of the devices?

  • If the DS has been registered for cloud service, please enter the admin settings to unlink the device from the cloud service before removing the DS from the IVPC network.  The DS has a factory reset button located next to the power button.  Press and hold the button while the indicator is lit.  The reset is complete when it shows the white/blue pattern for pairing.  Please be aware that any files saved on the DS microSD card will still be there.
  • The MS cannot be reset back to the factory condition.  The network settings can be reset by going to Settings - Connectivity - Wi-Fi - Network settings reset.  Existing paired devices can be removed by opening the OPTEX vision app and pressing the pencil icon at the top right corner to enter the Device List Edit menu.  The data and cache can be deleted by going to Settings - Device - Storage settings - Apps - OPTEX Vision - Clear Data/Cache.


What are the default passwords?

  • The default passwords are found on the 2nd page of the IVPC DS and MS Settings and Installation Guide.
  • 123456 for device and admin settings.
  • 12345678 for pairing using an iOS device.


How do I change names or delete devices?

  • Look for the pencil icon in the upper right corners.


How do I change passwords?

  • Look for the gear icon in the upper right corner of the live view screen to change the admin password.  The device password can be changed by the pencil icon in the device list screen as mentioned above.


How can I connect to a hidden network?

  • Go to the Wi-Fi connections screen and scroll to the bottom.  There is an option to "Add network".


How long does the DS battery last per charge?

  • 2 months for normal operation, 1 year if battery saving mode is used (disables live view on demand).


How long does the MS battery last per charge?

  • 8 hours in standby.  About 2-4 hours with the display always on, depending on activity.  Adjust display sleep times as needed in the Settings menu.


Is there any benefit to a hardwired DS other than not needing to charge?

  • A hardwired DS will send notifications slightly faster than a battery operated DS due to being in a constant "wake" state.
  • Live view is enabled for the MS without the need for internet access if they are part of the same local network.  A battery operated DS requires an internet connection to establish a live view on demand and battery saving mode must be OFF.  Smartphones always require internet access.


How do I remove my DS from the cloud service?

  • You will need to unbind your cloud service from the DS by going to the admin settings - cloud settings - sign in - device management.


Which WiFi routers and range extenders are known to work?  Can they be used without internet access?

  • NETGEAR EX2700
  • NETGEAR EX3700
  • NETGEAR WN3000RPv3
  • TP-LINK RE200
  • The IVPC-MS uses the local WiFi network to communicate; however, the OPTEX Vision smartphone app needs internet access.  It is possible to operate the IVPC system in an isolated network.


What if I don't connect to the internet?  What will be different?

  • The weather information will not work.
  • The OPTEX Vision smartphone app will not work.
  • Cloud and over-the-air (OTA) update services will not be available.
  • Live view on demand requires an MS and a hardwired DS. (Not to be confused with the live view when answering a visitor.)


What passwords are allowed?

  • Letters, numbers, and #-_.!"$*()+=[]{}:;@~?/<> are allowed.  31 character limit.


How do I change the chime tones?

  • The only chime tone that can be changed is on the DI.  The tones are fixed for the MS and DS.  The chime volume can be adjusted on all three.


What are the latest firmware and app versions?

  • If updating the MS firmware by OTA, repeat process until the version check indicates the most updated version has been applied.
  • The latest versions can be found in the links below and on the app store page for 3rd party devices.
  • http://navi.optex.net/firmware/50259/  (IVPC-DS)
  • http://navi.optex.net/firmware/50260/  (IVPC-MS)
  • Version can be found by:
  • DS Admin Settings - Device Information - Device Information
  • MS Firmware Settings (home screen) - About tablet
  • MS/Smartphone App Settings (located on Device List upper left corner) - About


What is the "power saving time" in the admin settings?

  • It is the duration that the DS will remain awake after sending a notification.


What is the minimum download/upload speed for the IVPC?

  • 1 Mbps for both.


What are some common troubleshooting tips?

  • Check for channel interference at the location of the IVPC.  Interference may prevent pairing, give choppy video/audio, and slow down your network.
  • Be aware of the network password restrictions on special characters, mentioned above.
  • Know the relationship between signal strength and throughput.  Less reliable signals means more loss which hurts video and audio quality.
  • Check for updates for the IVPC, links are above, and make sure you keep your router updated.
  • The antenna switch on the back of the IVPC-DS should be set to internal unless you use the IVPC-ANT option.
  • The MS can support OTG Ethernet connections.  Look for Plugable, UGREEN, or SMAYS USB Micro-B Ethernet Adapters on Amazon.  Ex. Plugable USB2-OTGE100
  • Ports 10000-30000 UDP should be allowed.
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