20 February 2023

OPTEX, the global leader in sensing solutions, is pleased to announce the newest additions to our indoor PIR sensor lineup, the AP-360B & AP-20NB series. The AP-360B/20NB is a series of recessed mount indoor PIR detectors. The AP-360B provides a 360° volumetric detection area while the AP-20NB provides a 20ft (6m) curtain area. These discreet detectors can offer low profile installation for various application needs.

Product Features:

  • AP-360B Series: 360 degree volumetric detection
  • AP-20NB Series: Ceiling or wall mounted curtain detection
  • Compact and discreet design
  • Adjustable sensitivity, with tamper function and light control option*

Available Models:

AP-360B(C)360 Degree Wired Model
AP-360BR(C)360 Degree Battery Operated Model
AP-20NB(C)Curtain PIR Detector, Wired Model
AP-20NBR(C)Curtain PIR Detector, Battery Operated Model

For more information about the AP-360B and AP-20NB product lineup, please click here.