3 October 2023

From OPTEX America headquarters, Cypress, CA

In an era where security is paramount, the OPTEX PowerG Photoelectric Beam Series by DSC emerges as a groundbreaking solution set to redefine the landscape of perimeter security. With an emphasis on efficiency and effectiveness, these battery-powered detectors offer a wireless, hassle-free approach that caters to a wide range of security needs, from safeguarding rooftop HVAC systems to fortifying electrical substations. The hallmark of PowerG lies in its seamless setup; the PowerG radio is pre-installed, facilitating quick and cost-effective installation while eliminating the need for extensive wiring or trenching.

Product Benefits

The PowerG Series brings forth a myriad of advantages that elevate security systems to new heights. It seamlessly integrates with existing security, video, or access control systems through the PowerG Photoelectric Beam Detector. This integration is bolstered by the convenience of battery-powered units that are ideal for installations in challenging locations, such as remote areas or rooftops, where electrical setups may be complex or power access is limited.

Furthermore, PowerG photoelectric beams can be paired with optional tower enclosures, ensuring discreet perimeter sensing and reliable security coverage. Installation times are drastically reduced, with no trenching required, enabling businesses to continue operations uninterrupted during setup, minimizing inconvenience for customers or residents. The optional enclosures are constructed with an extruded and anodized aluminum frame and acrylic material, ensuring durability and weather resistance, even in the harshest conditions. Offering multiple mounting options, including wall-mounted and free-standing choices, as well as customizable tower height options, PowerG empowers users to tailor their solutions to specific needs.

Available Models

Two impressive models are at the forefront of the PowerG Series. The AX-200TFRPG boasts a remarkable coverage of 200 feet with its wirefree photobeam detection, while the SL-350QFRPG extends security reach up to an astounding 350 feet with its long-range wirefree detection.

About PowerG

DSC PowerG stands as a beacon of innovation, delivering the reliability of wired connections without the constraints of physical wires. This high-performance wireless communication protocol has set the gold standard in security and alarm systems. Known for its two-way long-range capabilities, PowerG can cover distances of up to 1.24 miles in line-of-sight scenarios, offering robust signal penetration and advanced 128-bit AES encryption for top-notch security. Adaptive transmission techniques maximize battery life, and with PowerG repeaters, both range and battery life can be extended. This makes PowerG the preferred wireless solution for commercial applications that demand dependable and secure connectivity between security devices and control panels.

The OPTEX PowerG Series by DSC represents a significant advancement in security technology. Contact us today to discover how you can harness the power of this cutting-edge technology and secure your perimeter with unprecedented ease. Say goodbye to complex installations and embrace the future of wireless security with PowerG.

For inquiries and questions about the OPTEX PowerG Series by DSC, please contact us at 800-966-7839 or via email at sales@optexamerica.com.