5 September 2023

OPTEX Inc. Headquarters, Cypress

OPTEX, the global leader in outdoor and indoor detection innovation, is thrilled to unveil the Virtual Loop 2.0: OVS-02GT, the latest addition to our Smart Mobility Sensing solution lineup.

Designed to transform vehicle presence detection for gates and barriers, the Virtual Loop 2.0 boasts state-of-the-art technology, featuring advanced distance measuring radar with an impressive 26 feet extended range. This breakthrough innovation not only reliably detects vehicles of all sizes but also effectively filters out nearly all human movement. Say goodbye to the cumbersome installation and maintenance of in-ground loops, as the Virtual Loop 2.0 takes the hassle out of the equation.

OPTEX's dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for smarter, more efficient mobility is evident in the Virtual Loop 2.0. With its unparalleled performance and ease of use, this product is set to revolutionize the way industries manage vehicle access and security.

Key Features of the Virtual Loop 2.0:

Extended Detection Range: The Virtual Loop 2.0 boasts an impressive 26-foot detection range, allowing it to cover a larger area, enhancing security and access control.

Enhanced Human Cancelling Capability: To ensure top-notch performance, the Virtual Loop 2.0 features improved human movement filtering. This advancement minimizes false alarms and guarantees better overall performance.
Exceptional Adjustability: With a wide range of motion, the Virtual Loop 2.0 offers 190 degrees of adjustability, allowing for precise placement and customization to meet specific needs.
Illuminating LED: The product includes a bright LED with 190 degrees of visibility, simplifying the adjustment process. This feature ensures ease of use when configuring the sensor to deliver optimal results.
Built-in Conduit Fitting: The Virtual Loop 2.0 eliminates the need for a single gang box, thanks to its built-in conduit fitting. This innovation streamlines installation and reduces associated costs.
Intuitive Smartphone App: Settings for the Virtual Loop 2.0 can be conveniently adjusted via a smartphone app, offering remote control and management capabilities, further enhancing user convenience.

OPTEX's commitment to innovation and excellence continues to drive the development of industry-leading solutions that address real-world challenges. The Virtual Loop 2.0 is yet another testament to our dedication to creating smarter, more efficient, and more secure environments for businesses and communities worldwide.

To see the product datasheet, please click here.