Product Details

*Product discontinued, for reference only

The OPTEX Air-Wave Touch-Free Door Switch provides reliable activation of Low Energy and Knowing-Act Doors without the need for direct contact by the user. Eliminate one of the main cross-contamination points near automatic doors, the push switch. At the same time, reduce installation cost and time by going wireless. Proprietary RF frequency and 2-year battery life make the Air-Wave the first choice for professional door distributors.

Touch Free

Eliminate one of the only cross contamination points on a low energy or knowing act door by installing the OPTEX Air-Wave Touchless Switch.

All Conditions

The OPTEX Air-Wave system can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Long Battery Life

Thanks to our advanced Infrared Technology, we are able to provide a 2 year battery life (250 activations per day average).


Mounting the sensor at ceiling height eliminates the chance of damage due to accidental impact of gurneys, carts or intentional vandalism.


Reliable wireless technology reduces the cost
and hassle of installing hardwired switches.

Product Discontinued