Product Details

Elite Pro Series: Active Infrared Door Sensor for Low Energy Swing Doors

For detection of moving or stationary people in the swing path of doors

The OPTEX Elite Pro LE and Elite Pro are safety sensors for full energy swing doors. The Elite Pro package includes Wi-Fi controllers that ensure quick and easy sensor set-up and installation, and features an auto-learning system that can identify the operator's detection input type, test input, sensor installation positions, and swing or approach side. The Elite Pro unit starts the learning process and sets up the essential configurations with just one touch of the set up button. The Elite Pro sensors can be mounted on either the left or right leaf, and with its simple setup and one-push quick setting, door installers can enjoy ease of installation and be freed from challenging settings and effectively reduce setup time.

Available Models:Elite Pro LEElite Pro
Usage:For low energy single doorFor low energy double doors
Package Contents:(1) Sensor
(1) Controller
(2) Sensors
(1) Controller

Product Features

Full Time Presence Detection

The advantage of the door-mounted Elite Pro is that the presence detection stays on even when the door is in motion.

Large & Adjustable Detection Area Ensuring Safety

The Elite Pro has a large detection area which can detect beyond the normal area around the moving part of the door. The sensor creates a layer of awareness around the door to ensure safety.

Full Detection Pattern

The Elite Pro provides a full detection pattern that covers the entire swing of the doors in full open and full close position, so there's no need for an overhead safety sensor.

Knowing Act Doors

This system satisfies the requirement for secondary activation sensor. No additional activation sensor required.


Functionality Low Energy Activation Safety

Opening Size Medium Large