Product Details

*Product discontinued, for reference only

With its large motion and presence detection pattern, the OPTEX i-One Active Infrared door sensor features a safety zone in the threshold and sidelights that is always on. The size and shape of the detection pattern can be easily adjusted to match almost any application.

Large detection areaThe extra-wide pattern covers the door opening plus sidelights, providing fast detection for traffic approaching from any angle. The sensor's enhanced pattern depth enables it to detect people and objects farther away and allows the door to open conveniently for them.
SafetySafety is assured by the two rows of presence detection closest to the door, which never shut off. The sensor detects a person or object and holds the door open as long as they are in the threshold area, even if they stop or pause.
FlexibleThe i-One is perfectly suited for almost any type of door or configuration. It can be set for unidirectional detection, which saves energy by allowing the door to close more quickly for departing traffic.
Easy adjustmentBy using easily-set switches and shutters, the sensor can be quickly adjusted for many different applications. No external set-up device is needed.
All conditionsSnow mode, rain mode and sensitivity adjustments make this sensor suitable for every application and even extreme weather conditions.

Product Discontinued