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*Product discontinued, for reference only

The OA-Edge series from OPTEX is a line of door-mounted presence sensors utilizing Infrared Triangulation Technology. This sensor system can be used for Low Energy and Full Power Swing Doors as well as revolving and folding doors. Unique LED indicator displays sensor status on the outside of the housing which improves feedback during set-up and use. Increase safety and reliability with the OA-Edge Series from OPTEX.

4 Spots of DetectionOA-Edge has 4 spots of detection. This provides a very dense coverage pattern down the face of the door.
Automatic CalibrationSensor automatically learns distance to floor and automatically adjusts based upon application requirements. This dramatically increases reliability and ease of installation.
LED DisplayExternal LED display allows installer to easily determine detection area and make fine adjustments.
Multiple LengthsSensor comes in 4 different lengths, 13.5", 34.5", 40", and 44" versions. Sticks can also be cut to length by installer if needed.
Easy InstallationThe sensor is easy to install by simply clicking the master and slave modules into the profile. The master and slave modules are connected by a communication cable with connector. Alternative power supply connector on the master module makes installation quick.
SafetyThe wide detection area of each module ensures a high level of safety around the door and will prevent the door leaf from coming in contact with an object or person detected near the door. Can be used on approach side for secondary activation. Also on the swing side in conjunction with an overhead presence sensor for conformance to ANSI/BHMA A156.10.
DesignThe OPTEX OA-Edge series has a very slim design in order to fit on many different types of swing doors. The sensor is available in a black profile completed with a black lens.
ModulesFor a standard configuration of 1 module (master) up to a maximum configuration of 4 modules (1 master, 3 slaves). All modules on one side of door or two modules each side of door (two on approach/two on swing).

Product Discontinued