Product Details

The OAM-EXPLORER has three independent relay outputs, Microwave, Supplemental Safety, and AUX/Pre-notification. These three independent relays, however, can be sequenced to provide up to nine different combinations of relay outputs. The OAM-EXPLORER uses a large microwave detection area for activation, and infrared technology for safety around the threshold. The sensor can control external devices such as warning lights or alarms in order to warn vehicles and pedestrians on the opposite side of the door.

Smartphone app

Configuration and fine-tuning can be done via a smart phone app, which means fewer trips up and down a ladder for installers.

Great design, easy installation

The OAM-EXPLORER was designed with an eye for simplicity and absolute attention to detail. Installation and adjustment time has been minimized. The new screwless design allows for smooth independent angle setting. Compared with conventional industrial door sensors, total installation time is reduced by approximately half.

Product video

Functionality Activation Safety

Opening Size Large