Product Details

The OPTEX OP-08C passive infrared door sensor is a reliable and cost effective sensor for request-to-exit and security applications. The compact housing makes it also suitable for recessed mounting.

Flexible installation

The OPTEX OP-08C is very easy to install. Its compact size is ideal for mounting on the header, transom or ceiling, up to 13 feet high.

Large detection area

The detection pattern of the OP-08C consists of 10 individual zones, providing high sensitivity even in large areas. Rotating the spherical lens easily changes the detection area from standard to large size. By using area masking seals, the detection pattern’s size and shape can be further customized to best fit the application.


With a compact, sleek design, the OP-08 is ideal for virtually all light commercial applications. It can be recessed, surface mounted or ceiling mounted and comes in a choice of black, silver or white housing.

All conditions

The OP-08’s advanced circuitry minimizes false activations, making it ideal for environments with sunlight, wind, rain, snow or radio frequency noise.


Functionality Activation

Opening Size Small Medium