Product Details

The OPTEX OS-12CT (OS-12C Replacement) active infrared safety beam system is compatible with any type of automatic door. Its amplifier and sensor heads are designed for fast, simple installation while maintaining the highest standards of safety and reliability.

***Control Only. The OPTEX SH-10MC sensor heads sold separately.

The OPTEX SH-7MC/SH-10MC sensor heads are recognized by door professionals worldwide for their reliability and resistance to sunlight and other interference. Quick-disconnect plugs make installation and service fast and easy. Cables are available in 2 lengths, 7m (23 feet) or 10m (33 feet).

The OPTEX OS-12C T amplifier has screwless wiring terminals, which speeds installation. Pressing the "Teach-In" button automatically sets the proper sensitivity and self-corrects crossed cables. One amplifier operates one or two pairs of sensor heads.


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