Product Details

*Product discontinued, for reference only

The new OPTEX Pro-Swing Premier Mk2 is designed to detect moving or stationary people in the swingpath of the door. The OPTEX ProSwing Premier Mk2 provides Premier Safety and Premier Style all of the time!

Universal CompatibilityThe Premier Mk2 can interface with just about any and all existing controls by analyzing both data output and motor voltage. One overhead presence sensor for all your new and service applications.
Easy Trouble Shooting
Additional diagnostic LEDs have been added to make troubleshooting quick and easy. During initial installation or during a service call.

Built-in Secondary Activation Module Function
No need to purchase a separate SAM module. The function of Secondary Activation is built-in. Added convenience and fewer parts.

4-Pattern Memory
Four pattern memory (two full open and two full closed) is provided to reduce or eliminate unwanted safety/relearn issues common to double swing doors caused by manual usage in knowing act environments (most commonly hospital corridors).

Product Discontinued