Product Details

The OPTEX Reaction Two microwave sensor is specially designed to increase efficiency on opening all types of automatic doors. The OPTEX microwave provides fast detection for all automatic door installations and particularly for applications with highspeed entries. The Reaction Two is the most flexible microwave activation sensor available today.

Detection Area

The OPTEX Reaction Two microwave offers a narrow or wide detection area that makes it suitable for all types of installations. The narrow setting is easy to set by just clicking the narrow lens on to the radar module. By turning the module left or right and tilting it up and down the microwave can be adjusted quickly and simply for many different applications. No external set-up device is needed.

Versatility in Swing Door Activation

The Reaction Two includes a uni-directional detection option and can be surface mounted on the door header or the ceiling. This allows the sensor to be used with center pivoted or surface applied operators and in one way traffic or two way traffic applications. An optional recessed ceiling mount is available if desired. Note: When mounting the Reaction on the swing side of the door the sensor must be located past the swing path of the door.

Uni-directional setting

The Reaction Two is equipped with a dipswitch for Unidirectional or Bi-directional mode. In Bi-directional mode the sensor will detect motion either towards or away from the sensor and open the door. In Unidirectional mode the sensor will only detect when movement is towards the sensor. This allows for the door to close more quickly and saves energy by reducing airflow.

Auto-Caution mode

Auto Caution mode gives a higher level of sensitivity when persons linger in the detection area. In conjunction with Uni-Directional mode, it provides high safety with maximum efficiency.

ANSI Compliance

When adjusted properly this sensor meets the current requirements for Motion Sensors in Section 8 of the ANSI/BHMA A156.10 Standard For Power Operated Pedestrian Doors.


Functionality Safety