Product Details

The OPTEX VC-1020 allows you to simply, quickly and accurately count the number of people that visit your building, facility or event with more than 95% accuracy. Even during busy times, the VC-1020 is one of the most reliable and accurate People Counting sensors on the market.

Patented Image AnalysisThe OPTEX VC-1020 can be directly connected to your Ethernet and external data services via the 'PoE' connection on the sensor. The patented image analysis algorithms create a 3D virtual environment allowing accurate counting of people entering and leaving. Individually set counting lines track which way people go after entering, allowing you to analyze traffic flow from the point of entry. This valuable information can contribute to an increase in efficiencies including sales and staff management, as well as optimizing your energy consumption.
Real Time ImageUsing the real time video output of the sensor over the 'PoE' network you can, in consultation with the system administrator, at any time and from anywhere log in to observe changes in the counting environment and, if necessary, make appropriate adjustments. You decide yourself how often the counting information is sent to the recipient server or Cloud. In case of failure of the 'PoE' network, the sensor is equipped with the optional power adapter, and will save the counting information for 30 days on an internal flash memory.
Quick and Easy InstallationInstalling the VC-1020 is simple: place the camera in a strategic location and connect to your 'PoE' network. The sensor is suitable for detecting up to a distance of 4 meters by default. The purchase of a software license will enable you to increase the detection distance up to 6 meters. Optionally, the power adapter can be used as an additional power backup. The settings for the IT coupling of the VC-1020 sensor to your network and data server or external data center is actually a routine job for IT professionals.
DetectionThe high quality camera and patented image analysis software can be adjusted in detail. Thus it is possible to define a counting area using the eight counting directions, which can then be locally adjusted via your laptop or remote login procedure. The height of the objects to be counted can be set relatively accurately, which will enable you to exclude, for instance, shopping carts and children from the count. Because of the 3D virtual mapping, you eliminate such things as shade detections, so you can be assured of an accurate count in high traffic situations. The OPTEX VC-1020 functions in minimal ambient light and has a proven count accuracy of at least 95%.