Product Details

The iSeries BX Shield wireless PIR detector is a battery-operated outdoor quad PIR sensor powered by Inovonics, ideal for protecting windows and the immediate boundaries of a building or site. Combining great usability and versatile design, the BXS-RAMi includes four PIRs, two on each side of the unit. Detection range and sensitivity can be adjusted independently on each side of the sensor, up to 80ft total (40ft per side), for high-performing flexibility.

Battery-Operated Model Powered by Inovonics


  • Buildings
  • Perimeter
  • House
  • Garage

Key Features

  • Four PIR technology, two on each side
  • Completely independent detection setting per side
  • Scope of detection area up to 40ft on each side, 80ft total (12m/24m)
  • SMDA Logic: Differentiates nuisance false alarms & genuine intrusions