Product Details

The CDX-DAM is a 50' x 50' , 85 degree indoor dual tech sensor featuring a dense optical configuration with 82 individual detection zones. With a digital QUAD zone logic, 4 or more zones must be crossed to generate an alarm, helping to create accurate and reliable detection. The CDX-DAM also features Double Conductive Shielding, as a result visible light disturbances and RFI can easily be blocked.

Active IR Digital Anti-Masking

Microwave Technology

The CDX series uses AIR technology to detect masking. For a stability, the CDX differentiates between true masking and other masking caused by environmental changes such as dust/dirt adhesion, temperature changes and direct light by optimizing it's sensitivity.

Conventional Microwave technology can emit an unwanted detection area. Sharply-directed Microwave Technology eliminates those areas by creating a detection area close to the PIR (passive Infrared).

OPTEX National Defense Authorization Act Declaration


  • Buildings
  • House

Key Features

  • Double- conductive Shielding
  • Digital AIR Anti-Masking
  • Sharply-directed MW Technology
  • Plug in EOL unit option