Product Details

The CX-702Ri is the iSeries version of the CX-702 and is designed to give extremely stable long-range detection performance in a variety of internal commercial and industrial applications. An Inovonics EN1941 wireless transmitter and battery are pre-installed into the detector. With patented Multi-Focus technology, sensitivity is maintained through the entire coverage area, even in high temperature areas or in applications with low temperature contrast. Combined with Double Conductive Shielding and Temperature Compensation, a high level of false alarm protection is guaranteed. In addition, a unique feature to the CX-702Ri is the ability to choose between a 70' x 70' pattern and a 150' x 8' with a simple flip of the lens.


  • Buildings

Key Features

  • Selectable 70 x 70ft / 150 x 8ft detection pattern
  • Spherical fresnel lens design
  • Patented multi-focus technology
  • 3-step lens angle adjustment