Product Details

The FTN-R-PT is a wireless-ready model of the Fit Dual PIR Series that offers universal wireless transmitter compatibility. The FTN-R-PT features adjustable 16.5' x 3'3" or 6.7" x 1'1.5" coverage, utilizing dual PIR technology for verification and intelligent size judging function to prevent false alarms triggered by weather conditions and small animals. With its built-in bracket that enables 190° rotation, the FTN-R-PT is ideal for residential and small business applications.

OPTEX National Defense Authorization Act Declaration

Key Features

  • Wireless-ready, universally compatible with existing wireless transmitters
  • Adjustable 16.5' x 3'3" / 6.7" x 1'1.5" coverage
  • Built-in bracket enables 190° rotation
  • False alarm protection against extreme weather conditions & pet presence