Product Details

The HX-80NAM is a high mount, outdoor passive infrared detector with Anti-Masking that provides the stability and reliability necessary for an outdoor PIR sensor. The most important element in reliable outdoor detector is accuracy to distinguish a human from a small animal. The exclusive pyro element on board enables the HX to project an ideal detection pattern, thus allowing for more accurate detection of humans and less false alarms. In addition, the HX-80NAM's dual curtain PIR and 20 detection zones utilize the 'AND' detection pattern technology - upper and lower detection areas have to be activated in order to generate an alarm condition. This technology helps to prevent false alarms caused by a pet or small animal. The HX-80NAM's detection length can be limited to avoid unwanted detection, and it's short range zones can be masked if needed. By limiting the detection range, false alarms due to unwanted movement (cars, persons or animals outside the protected area) can be eliminated.

  • Mounting height 8ft. - 10ft.
  • 80ft. x 6ft. High Mount Outdoor PIR with Anti-Masking
  • Intelligent and detection logic
  • Double conductive shielding
  • Advanced temperature compensation logic
  • Summer night compensation logic
  • Vegetation sway analysis logic
  • Active IR digital anti-masking function

OPTEX National Defense Authorization Act Declaration


  • Buildings
  • House
  • Garage

Key Features

  • 80' Long & Narrow Range High Mount Outdoor PIR with Anti-masking
  • Mounting height 8ft. - 10ft.
  • Intelligent AND Detection Logic
  • Double conductive shielding