Precision Beyond Sight: REDSCAN Advanced LiDAR Series

REDSCAN is an award-winning laser detector that identifies the size, speed and distance of a moving object and can function in effect like an invisible wall or plane. Using LiDAR technology, the sensors are unaffected by light or heat sources making it a very reliable detection system. With the ability to be mounted either vertically or horizontally and to be used indoor or outdoor, the REDSCAN can be used for a wide range of security and safety applications. It can be deployed to protect perimeters, buildings, skylights, pieces of art or valuable assets as well as to increase safety in public transport by detecting people on railway tracks or crossings.

Built-in analytics to analyze the object’s size, speed and distance

The REDSCAN sensor constantly scans the detection area and provides live X&Y coordinates and size information for all objects detected. It enables security staff to follow the movement of the objects and know exactly where they are. Using the size information given by the laser sensor the system can be configured to detect only objects smaller or bigger than a defined size, for instance ignoring vehicles and detecting people.

Independent detection areas

The RLS-2020 series provides 4 independent areas on IP connection. Each zone can be used to generate different events. It can trigger PTZ camera preset positions to track intruders across zones; it can trigger lights, warning system or send an alarm to dispatch security staff.

The latest evolution in the award-winning REDSCAN LiDAR series, REDSCAN PRO can very accurately detect intruders to a range of 165x330ft (50x100m), without any ‘gaps’ in the detection or the reliability ‘fading’ with range. By creating rectangular as opposed to circular (fan-shaped) detection patterns, there are no unnecessary overlaps, providing great coverage for virtual wall applications such as facade and fence protection, and for virtual planes to cover open areas, ceilings and roofs.

Easy Configuration

The Redscan LiDARs are extremely versatile and can be used for many different applications. A number of modes can be easily configured: area allocation, area masking, day/night mode, loitering mode, thrown object detection mode etc. 

Transport Protection with the REDSCAN Range

From railway and tunnel protection to airports the REDSCAN LiDAR range offers protection for all types of transportation industries.