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*Product discontinued, for reference only. For replacement, please see the Redscan Pro Series

The REDSCAN RLS-3060L is an innovative laser scan detector. It can detect a moving object's size, speed, and distance from the detector and process that information with a unique algorithm, which results in high reliability detection of people with minimal false alarms.

When vertical detection area is selected, it creates a maximum 60m (200ft.) detection area that functions like an invisible wall. When horizontal detection area is selected, it creates a detection area with a radius of maximum 30m (100ft.) and an arc of 190°.

The RLS-3060L is a low cost, high performance advanced intrusion device with four adjustable detection zones and linked outputs for PTZ camera control. It brings detection solutions for: fence line, building protection, rooftop, and narrow boundary zone with simplified controls for easy set up.

  • 30m radius for 190 degree range
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting
  • Unique detection algorithm
  • Form C master alarm output
  • Automatic area setting function
  • Environmental disqualification circuit
  • Anti-rotation function
  • Anti-masking function
  • 4 independently adjustment detection areas and 4 linked outputs for PTZ camera control (on Analog connection and IP connection)
  • Fog cancellation algorithm (Patent listed)

OPTEX National Defense Authorization Act Declaration

Product Discontinued

Certification Required


  • Buildings
  • Perimeter
  • Approach
  • Roof / Ceiling
  • House
  • Garden
  • Garage
  • Driveway

Key Features

  • 30m radius for 190 degree range
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting
  • Unique detection algorithm
  • Automatic area setting function


The Redscan RLS-3060L and RLS-3060SH both require PoE+.

The Redscan series generate a Redwall Event Code. This is a simple ASCII character code which can be sent via TCP/IP (for example to a VMS). The Redscan Event Code communication can be set as follows:

  • UDP Broadcast
  • UDP Unicast
  • UDP Broadcast & TCP
  • UDP Unicast & TCP

In addition to the above, with the RLS-2020 there is also an HTTPS integration.

The following video presents the key features and differences of RLS-3060 firmware v8 vs v7.

If you are interested in getting Installation training and certification for Redscan, please email with the following information:

  1. First & Last Name
  2. Job Title
  3. Company Name
  4. Telephone Number
  5. Email
  6. Project Name

Optex will send invite to online training for each technician provided (training is free, no limit on number of people getting trained)

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