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The SIP-4010WF is a battery powered PIR detector that offers mid range outdoor detection for triggering CCTV systems. It is compatible most manufacturers wireless transmitters, eliminating the need to run wire to power the detector. The SIP-4010WF is also equipped with anti-rotation, anti-masking functions in addition to the anti-tamper feature which provides further security. The superior power management circuit achieves low current consumption without compromising the rich functionality. (Battery and backbox not included.)

**AVF-1 & AWT-3 Required tools for Proper Installation**

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  • Battery operated Intelligent PIR Detection System (Battery and transmitter not included)
  • Detection of ambient temperature and illuminance for automatic sensitivity management
  • Advanced detection algorithm
  • Three dual pyro-elements with patented Double Conductive Shielding
  • Anti-vandalism functions
  • Anti-rotation function with 3-axis accelerometer
  • Anti-masking function with photo-beam
  • Reinforced polycarbonate housing
  • Max. 4m (13ft.) installation height
  • Independent sensitivity selector for near/far areas
  • Detection logic selector Detection range selector
  • Independent N.C. and N.O. outputs
  • Adjustable alarm interval time

OPTEX National Defense Authorization Act Declaration


  • Buildings
  • Approach

Key Features

  • Works with most manufacturers wireless systems, battery not included
  • Detection of ambient temperature/illuminance. Automatic sensitivity management
  • Advanced detection algorithm
  • Three dual pyro-elements with patented Double Conductive Shielding


Once the Redwall SIP unit is mounted on the wall or a pole, ideally at a height of 13 feet – or at least above 7 feet, the View Finder should be plugged onto the sensor using the two holes to secure it. The correct viewing plate should be inserted – each SIP model has a corresponding viewing plate. Looking through the plate, the sensor should be adjusted to ensure that it is grounded at the maximum detection distance. For instance, for a SIP-3020, the sensor should be grounded (not directed towards the sky) at 100 feet. Additionally, it is best to avoid having the detection area right at the edge of the security area, rather it is best practice to leave 3 feet either side. If the detection area is 65 feet wide, it is better to center the view at 36 feet from the edge on either side. If required, masking sticks can be used to mask part of the detection area. Watch our video tutorial

The detection will be less accurate. Ensure that the SIP is not installed higher than the recommended height which is 13 feet.

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