Product Details

The OVS-50TNR Monitored Hybrid Photoelectric Through Beam offers cost-effective, stable and versatile Active Infrared detection. The AIR dual beam set offers extreme stability in all kinds of weather. Easy to see LED optical alignment. No wiring is required at the Transmitter side, which means less installation time and lower labor costs, plus there is no need to cut the driveway. The OVS-50TNR has a battery life of eight years and a long range: up to 50 feet, point to point.

The OVS-50 TNR has a range of up to 50 feet point-to-point. Installation requires no concrete cutting and no wiring on the transmitter side. This reduces installation time and labor costs.

The OVS-50 TNR has been designed to work with D-size lithium batteries, and OPTEX recommends the Saft LSH-20 battery. When using LSH-20 batteries in the transmitter (2 batteries total), battery life expectancy is approximately 8 years. Batteries are easy to access when they need to be replaced, and beams do not need to be realigned afterwards.

Key Features

  • Wireless transmitter, no cutting driveway for installation
  • 50-foot range, point to point
  • 8-year battery life expectancy