Product Details

The OVS Vehicle Presence Sensor Series from OPTEX is designed to reliably detect the presence of a stationary or moving vehicle while also having the ability to ignore most human traffic. It eliminates the hassles associated with the installation of a ground loop, omitting the need for concrete cutting. With 8 adjustable microwave and ultrasonic (for OVS-01GT) detection pattern settings to customize the detection area, 5 sensitivity settings to ignore human movements, and one-touch calibration, the OVS-01GT can reliably detect both small and large vehicles for a multitude of applications.

The OVS-01GT can be mounted and installed quickly without impeding traffic flow, and wires directly to the operator without the need for any additional loop detectors or special programmers. A simple-to-use menu with visual indicators aids in an easy and fast installation process. Once mounted, the OVS-01GT also allows for full adjustment without the need for lifts or ladders.

Key Features

  • Vehicle Virtual Loop
  • For moving or stationary vehicles, ignores human traffic
  • Installs above ground, no concrete cutting required
  • Connect directly to operator