Product Details

The InSight series offers a sensor based visual verification solution combining highly effective OPTEX outdoor detection technology with a camera. Not affected by lights, wind, rain, or snow, the InSight minimizes false alarms and features small animal tolerance technology to effectively reduce nuisance alarms. The InSight also simplifies the installation process by matching the camera and sensor field of views, while providing wide and narrow detection range options. The InSight series is ONVIF compliant and can directly connect to the OPTEX Visual Verification Bridge, as well as any DVR, NVR or VMS.

Camera with Intelligent VCA (Video Content Analysis)

  • Clear image day and night with IR illumination
  • No need to match the camera angle of view with the detection area, so there is no mistake
  • Remote configuration of detection areas
  • Flexible VCA detection rule
  • Bounding box on video stream can help identify the source of detection

Double Knock Detection from VCA and PIR

  • Both detection of VCA and PIR makes a great contribution to the improvement of the credibility of an alarm signal

Gain Visibility with Optimized Video of the Detection Area

  • No need to match the camera angle of view with the detection area, so there is no mistake.
  • Wide & Narrow detection area model lineup

Actual footage:

HX-80N: High Mount PIR Detector

  • 80’x6’7” detection area, 43’ (13m) default detection range*
  • Outdoor high mount (8' - 10')
  • Intelligent AND detection logic
  • Adjustable range & animal tolerant
  • Double conductive shielding
*The default detection distance on the HX-80N PIR is set to 43’ (13m). If the device is set to detect at the maximum range of 80’, additional illumination will be needed to cover the entire detection distance.

Easy Setup & Integration with the OPTEX Bridge

  • Easily integrates into new or existing Bridge
  • Fully integrated & certified by Bridge & CHeKT portal

Conformant with ONVIF

  • Anti tamper (scene change detection by VCA)
  • Alert by ONVIF
  • POE: Power Over Ethernet

Fast & Reliable Installation

  • Short installation time from 1 unit installation
OPTEX National Defense Authorization Act Declaration