Product Details

*Product discontinued, for reference only. For replacement, please see the CKB-308

OPTEX, the global leader in outdoor detection innovation, has partnered with CHeKT to offer the security industry’s first affordable, scalable interior and exterior visual monitoring solution. As an installer, designing systems with outdoor detection allows you to provide proactive, rather than reactive, security systems. Outdoor detection with visual verification allows a central station to dispatch police when needed and provide your customer with a priority response. Installing systems with this type of detection and service provides a much higher level of service that will differentiate you from your competition. Let us show you how to design exterior security systems that will help you grow your business and more importantly, your RMR.

Choose the CKB-304 CHeKT 4 Channel Bridge for easy and cost-effective visual verification. The 4 Channel Bridge is a perfect choice for small to medium sized visual verification projects. You can use the 4 Channel Bridge for professional applications or as a standalone monitored security solution.

  • Compatible with any ONVIF S compliant device
  • Allows pairing of traditional alarm zones to cameras
  • Supports HD over coax camera/DVR (supports DVR)
  • Line level output source for talk-down capability
For Central Stations
  • No set-up cost/integration with CS
  • 5 second average delivery time to CS
  • Pre-alarm video verification
  • Does not require Flash video player
For End Users
  • 5 second average delivery time to CS
  • Low cost of ownership
  • SMS text notification
  • Secure video from protected premise to CS (SSL)
For Dealers
  • 30 minute installation time
  • No firewall configuration
  • Intuitive UI mapping
  • DVR/NVR port-forwarding not required
  • Camera port-forwarding not required
  • Works with any alarm panel
  • Works without an alarm panel
  • Works with any ONVIF S compliant device
  • Sends signals when the internet is down (using cloud & alarm panel)
  • Compatible with cameras with EDGE analytics
  • IP Communicator
  • Does not require SMTP setup on devices (DVR/NVR/Cameras)

OPTEX National Defense Authorization Act Declaration

Product Discontinued