Dealership case study

The Site

Vera Cadillac, a leading automotive dealer in the Ft. Lauderdale area.

The Challenge

Sophisticated thieves - sophisticated enough to know how to circumvent the current security system and steal parts, tires and in some cases, complete cars. Vera’s current security system included inexpensive CCTV cameras with video motion sensors that proved ineffective. The sensors were installed on the outside of the fenced perimeter making them susceptible to being vandalized. When the sensors were disabled, the thieves were able to penetrate the perimeter and strip cars for parts. The speed in which the thieves were stealing was another obstacle to overcome.

The Solution

Vera chose Tyco Integrated to come up with an improved, flexible system that takes into account the many obstacles within the perimeter. This includes wildlife, vegetation and other physical obstacles. In addition, the system needed to be as vandal proof as possible. Tyco Integrated and Optex teamed up to provide a flexible, effective system of detection that would use high-mount, zone detectors as trigger devices for the American Dynamic Illustra IP400 CCTV system. The team created a design that would easily integrate Optex’s REDWALL Wireless SIP infrared sensors into Vera’s current Inovonics wireless network (used for building automation systems). The Redwall sensors would trigger PTZ dome cameras that are fixed within the area of detection. The result will capture and record any intrusion within the sensor’s zone. The intrusion event is now tracked by ADT’s Central Monitoring Station and alerts the authorities along with a Vera contact. The REDWALL SIP sensors allowed Tyco Integrated to easily adjust and account for wildlife, vegetation and other physical obstacles by simply masking those areas. Masking deletes these obstacles within the protected perimeter of the detector. Because the old system was susceptible to vandals, the team had to address this. The team installed the sensors behind the fence and over 9 feet high on the side of the building in accordance to specification. All in all, the plan included 12 SIP units mounted on four buildings, which were installed in a single day.

The Outcome

Vera Cadillac effectively maintains a secure perimeter that detects intruders from stealing auto parts and other property. In addition, the system was easily integrated into Vera’s current wireless network and is vandal proof. It provides Vera peace-of-mind that a system is in place to prevent such incidents from happening during the nighttime and can respond with quick efficiency to catch criminal activity.

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