Sand and gravel case study

The Site

Welch Sand & Gravel, a family-owned operation serving the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Welch harvests gravel and sand from the water and transports all the material via hundreds of feet of conveyor to be processed and delivered to all its construction customers.

The Challenge

The 500 plus feet of conveyor is riddled with an array of copper and metal wiring that yields big dollars on the market, making it quite vulnerable. The surrounding rural area is extremely challenging to protect, as it includes multiple acres and many access points, including the water.

The Solution

Sonitrol of Butler County was brought in to provide a solution to Welsh's security needs. With the assistance of Optex, Sonitrol designed an outdoor security system that was comprised of hardwired and wireless Optex Photoelectric beams to secure the property. 200ft. battery-powered, wireless beams were strategically placed to provide perimeter detection along the property line and not allow access to the desired wiring on the conveyer belt. In addition, interior traps were placed to provide back-up protection to Welch Sand & Gravel. All of the Optex Beams were connected to various pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras on the property, and Sonitrol of Butler County now provides 24 hour monitoring of all the cameras. The moment an Optex beam detects movement, the PTZ cameras are activated and the Sonitrol Central Station immediately views the activity on site. The operator can quickly assess the situation and dispatch the proper authority if necessary.

The Outcome

The Optex security / Sonitrol monitored solution has saved the customer thousands of dollars in loss and hundreds of dollars a month in guard service costs. Since the system was installed, no additional loss has been experienced on the site.