The newest AI-enabled IP Camera Series from CHeKT, when integrated into the OPTEX Complete Visual Security System, can provide significant benefits in securing commercial buildings. Here are some ways in which the CHeKT AI Camera Series can enhance the security for commercial applications:

Real-time monitoring and alerts

The CHeKT AI Camera Series is equipped with advanced video analytics capabilities, allowing them to detect and analyze various events and activities in real-time. These cameras can identify and alert security personnel about potential threats, such as unauthorized access, suspicious behavior, or loitering, helping to prevent incidents before they occur.

Enhanced video verification

The CHeKT AI Camera Series enables efficient video verification of alarms or events triggered by other security devices, such as motion sensors or door contacts. When an alarm is triggered, the AI cameras can automatically provide live video feeds to the monitoring station in seconds, allowing security operators to visually confirm the situation, eliminating false dispatches and improving response times.

Intelligent tracking and object recognition

The CHeKT AI Camera Series employs advanced algorithms to track and recognize objects of interest. This capability can be used to track individuals within the premises, monitor the movement of assets, or identify suspicious objects or packages, facilitating proactive security measures and preventing potential threats.

Access control integration

The CHeKT AI Camera Series can integrate with access control systems, allowing for seamless monitoring and control of entry points. By combining video analytics with access control data, security personnel can gain valuable insights into who is accessing the building, and any anomalies or unauthorized access attempts can be immediately flagged for further investigation.

Centralized management and analytics

The OPTEX Complete Visual Security System, in conjunction with CHeKT AI-enabled IP Cameras, offers centralized management and analytics capabilities. It provides users the ability to easily monitor multiple security zones across different locations from a single app. The system can generate comprehensive reports and provide valuable data insights, helping organizations identify patterns, trends, and potential vulnerabilities for proactive security planning.

Overall, the integration of the new CHeKT AI Camera Series into the OPTEX Complete Visual Security System can significantly enhance the security of commercial buildings by providing real-time monitoring, intelligent analytics, video verification, and seamless integration with access control systems. These features help improve response times, reduce false alarms, eliminates false dispatches, and enhance overall situational awareness, ensuring a safer environment for commercial buildings, occupants and assets.