Ensuring the safety and security of sensitive areas, such as data centers, research facilities, and corporate headquarters, demands robust access control measures. One of the significant challenges faced by security professionals is preventing unauthorized access through tailgating - the act of an unauthorized person following an authorized individual through a secured entry point. To tackle this issue effectively, the OPTEX Redscan LiDAR Detection Series offers cutting-edge technology that enhances anti-tailgating applications for mantraps and vestibules. In this blog article, we explore how the Redscan LiDAR Detection Series can revolutionize security protocols and protect against tailgating incidents.

Understanding Tailgating and Its Risks

Tailgating occurs when an unauthorized person exploits the momentary lapse in security by closely following an authorized individual through an access point, bypassing the established entry procedure. This security breach exposes facilities to various risks, including:

Data Breaches

In data centers or research facilities, unauthorized individuals can gain access to sensitive information and compromise critical research or intellectual property.

Physical Threats

Corporate headquarters may face threats from disgruntled employees or individuals with malicious intent who can enter unrestricted areas undetected.

Compliance Violation

Failure to prevent tailgating can lead to regulatory non-compliance, leading to legal and financial consequences.

Safety Hazards

In high-security areas, tailgating can also lead to accidents and potential harm to personnel and property.

The Role of Mantraps and Vestibules in Security

Mantraps and vestibules are secure access control systems designed to mitigate the risks of unauthorized entry. They consist of an interlocking set of doors that prevent multiple individuals from entering simultaneously. The first door must close and lock before the second door opens, ensuring that only one person can pass through at a time. However, mantraps and vestibules are only effective if the access control system can reliably detect and prevent tailgating attempts.

OPTEX Redscan LiDAR Detection Series: A Game-Changer for Anti-Tailgating Applications

LiDAR, or Light Detection and Ranging technology, utilized in the Redscan Detection Series, is a sophisticated and highly accurate sensor system that utilizes laser beams and time of flight technology to detect moving objects within a predefined area. The Redscan series boasts several features that make it an ideal solution for anti-tailgating applications, such as:

Accurate Detection

Redscan's advanced LiDAR technology can detect and track the movement of individuals with exceptional precision, virtually eliminating false alarms.

Wide Coverage

The Redscan series provides a broad detection range, with the Redscan Pro models having the ability to cover both horizontal and vertical planes. Its 165 ft. x 330 ft. range, or up to 530ft vertical detection with its expansion mode, effectively safeguards the entire mantrap or vestibule entry point.

Customizable Sensitivity

Security professionals can fine-tune the sensor's sensitivity and detection zones to cater to the specific security needs of the facility.

Integration Capabilities

The Redscan series seamlessly integrates with existing security systems, such as access control and video surveillance systems, enhancing overall security effectiveness.

Rapid Response

When integrated with an access control system, the Redscan sensor triggers immediate alerts if it detects unauthorized individuals attempting to tailgate through the secure entry point.

Benefits and Applications

The integration of OPTEX Redscan LiDAR Detection Series into mantraps and vestibules offers several benefits:

Tailgating Prevention

By accurately detecting and raising alarms against tailgating attempts, the Redscan series ensures that only authorized personnel gain access to restricted areas.

Real-time Monitoring

Security personnel receive real-time alerts, allowing for immediate response to potential security breaches.

Compliance Assurance

By strengthening access control measures, organizations can uphold compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Incident Analysis

The Redscan series logs and records tailgating attempts, providing valuable data for incident analysis and security improvement.

In conclusion, the OPTEX Redscan LiDAR Detection Series is a powerful tool that significantly enhances security measures in mantraps and vestibules. By effectively preventing tailgating attempts, this cutting-edge technology ensures that unauthorized individuals are denied access to sensitive areas, safeguarding valuable assets, information, and personnel. As the threat landscape evolves, investing in innovative security solutions like the Redscan LiDAR Detection Series becomes paramount for organizations aiming to maintain robust security protocols.